Dem Rep Says Biden’s Prisoner Swap Doesn’t Pass the Smell Test

Gints Ivuskans /
Gints Ivuskans /

For those of us on the political right, we’ve known Biden isn’t the sharpest tool in the shed for some time now. But one of his latest moves (a $6 billion prisoner exchange deal with Iran) just proved the same thing to a growing number of his fellow Democrats.

If you haven’t heard of it, on September 11, when Biden should have been honoring the thousands lost to terrorism, his administration signed off on a deal that essentially paid Iran, the world’s leader in supporting terrorism, to swap prisoners with us.

America received five dual Iranian/American citizens held hostage in Iran. According to BBC, Iran received five Iranian prisoners and $6 billion in recently unfrozen assets.

Tell me, which one got the better deal? Clearly, it was Iran.

And, as several concerned and Democratic Congress members have since warned, it sets a huge and dangerous precedent for dealing with terrorists and less than-reputable nations.

New Jersey’s Senator Bob Menendez, chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, basically just created an incentive for future hostage-taking. Those considering taking Americans hostages anywhere around the world just got told they would get paid for it.

Similarly, Democratic Representative Pat Ryan of New York is disgusted by the exchange.

As he told CNN in a recent interview, “I have real concerns about this deal. I understand… the human side of it and the tragedy, but I am concerned that we’re rewarding bad behavior here – decades of bad behavior by the Iranian regime – so I think we have to look more closely at this.”

Ryan explained that as a former US Army intelligence officer, he directly saw the destructive nature of terrorist-ridden Iran. Plus, it’s not like Iran has a good reputation for sticking to their end of a deal.

So, no one should be shocked that Iran has already announced that they will spend that $6 billion however they want. It was supposed to only be used for humanitarian aid.

As I said, this was a dumb move by Biden, and everyone knows it.