Court Rules Against Wisconsin Absentee Voting Van that Democrats Used in 2022

William A. Morgan /
William A. Morgan /

Mark Zuckerberg’s efforts to steal every election in Wisconsin on behalf of the Democrat Party has hit another roadblock. A judge has ruled that the Zuckerberg absentee voting van, which was used to increase Democrat voter turnout in Racine in 2022, is illegal under Wisconsin state law and can no longer be used in future elections. This comes on the heels of a 2022 decision by the Wisconsin Supreme Court that Mark Zuckerberg’s ballot drop boxes are also illegal in the state. At this rate, Zuckerberg soon won’t have any underhanded tricks left that he can spend his money on in Wisconsin.

It was definitely a setback for the Democrats when drop boxes were ruled unconstitutional in Wisconsin. As everyone who saw the film “2,000 Mules” can relate, the unsecured drop boxes that Mark Zuckerberg spent roughly $400 million on in 2020 are extremely useful when it comes to gaming election outcomes. Democrat operatives obtained every mail-in and absentee ballot they could get their hands on, sometimes brazenly stealing them right out of people’s mailboxes.

The ballots were then filled in for Joe Biden, and “mules” deposited hundreds of thousands of these fake votes in Zuckerberg’s drop boxes in every state where the obvious cheating mechanism was deployed. After the 2022 Wisconsin Supreme Court decision, however, that option was now off the table.

Zuckerberg’s progressive election operatives had to go back to the drawing board. One of the ideas they came up with, which they deployed in Racine in 2022, was a mobile voting van. It’s every bit as ridiculous as it sounds. The van drives around for two weeks prior to an election and looks for people who might vote Democrat, and then encourages them to vote right at the van. It’s like a voter registration drive, only random people are actually casting ballots.

The Wisconsin Institute for Law and Justice immediately filed a complaint against Zuckerberg’s mobile voting van during the August 2022 primary election. They argued that the van was only sent to Racine neighborhoods that had heavy concentrations of Democrat voters in an obvious effort to increase Democrat turnout.

The Wisconsin Election Commission dismissed that complaint just days before the 2022 midterm elections. That forced the legal group and the Racine Republican Party to file a lawsuit against the mobile voting van.

Racine City Clerk Tara McMenamin said it’s just too hard to do her job and that the mobile voting van was super helpful. Her staff found it too cumbersome to set up remote polling stations, so the Zuckerberg van “helpfully” stepped in. Besides, there’s nothing in Wisconsin law that prohibits the use of mobile voting vans (which no one had ever heard of before), and therefore it must be legal! Right? Right? Anyone?

Unfortunately for Democrats, that’s not how laws actually work. County Circuit Judge Eugene Gasiorkiewicz overruled the Wisconsin Election Commission last week, stating that nothing in state law authorizes the use of mobile voting sites or vans.

“Nowhere can this Court find or has been provided any authority allowing the use of a van or vehicle as an alternate absentee voting vehicle,” wrote the judge in his ruling.

If the ruling is appealed, the issue could eventually be decided by the Wisconsin Supreme Court. In the meantime, Mark Zuckerberg’s mobile voting vans cannot be used in the upcoming February 6 municipal elections in Wisconsin or in the April 2 presidential primary elections. The Democrats will have to go back to the drawing board once again and come up with some new way to spend their “Zuckerbucks” on stealing Wisconsin’s elections.