Conservative Beer “Movement” on the Rise

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There’s a new name in the beer industry. And according to business predictions, it’s well on its way to being one of America’s favorites.
It’s called Ultra Right Beer, and as I’m sure you can guess, it was created in response to the recent backlash and boycotting Anheuser Busch’s Bud Light.
If you haven’t heard, the beer giant recently partnered with trans female Dylan Mulvaney, even putting his image on their cans for an advertising campaign. Naturally, many Americans were not thrilled with the company’s decision to go woke and push for liberal agenda items such as the trans movement.
And so a boycott began.
Of course, as is all too common these days, the problem is that woke companies like Anheuser Busch own a vast majority of the brands on the market, leaving Americans with one of two options: either go without good quality beer or knowingly support a company and bottom line they don’t agree with.
Thankfully, Ultra Right Beer creator Seth Weathers dared to do something about it.
Weathers, also known as Conservative Dad, is also the CEO of Freedom Speaks Up, an online merchandise shop specializing in right-leaning products. And his goal with both his merch shop and Ultra Right Beer is to offer Americans an alternative to the products currently being produced by more left-leaning companies.
However, as Weathers noted in a recent Twitter post about his newest business venture, it’s not just about selling beer.
Firstly, he describes Ultra Right Beer as “100 percent woke-free American beer.” He added, “Ultra Right Beer, and this movement, will never be stopped, no matter what they throw at us.”
For Weathers, it’s more about taking a stand against woke advertising and letting corporate America know that we, the people, won’t be bullied.
He told Fox Business, “It’s a movement of people who are speaking up and saying no. We’re done. This is our line in the sand.”
And so far, his movement is making no small amount of noise.
As sales for Bud Light and the greater Anheuser Busch company continue to drop, those for Ultra Right Beer on definitely on the rise.
By the end of the week, Ultra Right Beer will have been in business for a mere 12 days. And yet, that is when they are expected to sell over $1 million and at least 20,000 six-packs.
Long live the movement.