Biden’s VA Takes Healthcare Resources From Vets; Gives Them to Illegals

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Sen. Steve Daines (R-MT) is holding President Joe Biden’s feet to the fire. Evidence of his directing the use of the already over-extended Department of Veteran’s Affairs resources to tend to illegals showing up at the US-Mexico border. This comes on the heels of Concerned Veterans for America pushing for federal investigators and their Congressmen to investigate the relationship between Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE)  and the VA.

During a December 5th press conference, Daines was clear about the problems.

“We just learned that [Veterans Affairs] health care resources, the VA, are being used to facilitate healthcare to illegal migrants,” Daines said “Veterans have a hard enough time getting the care that they need and now they have to compete with illegal immigrants? This will not fix the border crisis. Biden’s border crisis puts illegal immigrants first, it puts our veterans last. You know, in Montana, we have the second highest per capita veteran population in the United States. This is a disservice to all those who have said sacrificed and served our country.”

On top of this misuse, the American people are covering emergency services for illegals every year. That added up to over $7 billion in fiscal year 2021, and $5.4 billion in 2022. With Title 42 letting them flood over and now stay, that figure is expected to increase dramatically for 2023. With Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas telling Rep. Ashley Hinson (R-IA) in 2022 that this was coming, it shouldn’t surprise anyone.

Even though Mayorkas warned Americans that this was coming, we still have every right to be upset about this misuse of resources. To take away the services from a group of disenfranchised Americans who stepped up to serve this nation is a horrible move. Illegals don’t need to be given a damn thing from them, especially like this. If they want it, let them earn it. Back in their home countries.