Biden Won’t Abandon “Bidenomics” Campaign Despite Abysmal Polling 

AF Branco /
AF Branco /

President Joe Biden continues to cling to his failing “Bidenomics” campaign strategy, traveling the nation to explain what it means and how the policies “benefit” Americans. 

It’s like telling a joke and having to explain the punchline. No one gets it, and it’s not funny anymore. 

Biden traveled to Milwaukee on Wednesday for his final significant appearance of the year. He took the opportunity to highlight how the laws he has passed during his nightmarish presidency have “helped” small businesses owned by Black and Latino individuals.  

“Bidenomics” is the term the White House uses to sum up his alleged economic achievements, especially as he faces polling challenges. It’s meant to be hip and catchy, but to Americans, it’s shorthand for “a failing economy that is bankrupting hardworking Americans.” 

Bidenomics became a rallying cry of the left over the summer, even as Biden himself admitted he didn’t understand it. The term originated from conservatives and was certainly not a compliment. It was used to point out the pitfalls of Biden’s economic policies.  

The left embraced the term, apparently neglecting to tell Biden their shiny new strategy to convince struggling Americans that they were thriving. Once Biden was brought on board, he took the phrase and ran with it. 

Unfortunately for the Biden Administration, recent polling indicates that only 29% of Americans favor Bidenomics. More than half the country disapproves of the President’s economic policies. 

Faced with consistently dismal polling, Democratic strategists cautioned Biden to distance himself from “Bidenomics.” It’s difficult to convince Americans that their government spending $1.2 trillion on a wasteful, pork-filled infrastructure bill was beneficial when they are emptying their retirement accounts to keep the lights on. 

It’s increasingly difficult for the Biden campaign to tout “success” when the “success” is measured against the crippling economic disasters of the previous years under Biden’s regime. Biden insists that America is doing better now than when he first drove the country off the cliff in his first year. There’s a reason he can’t make such a comparison with the Trump years. 

During the Trump administration, the U.S. economy achieved significant milestones in terms of income, employment, and stock prices. Black unemployment was historically low, inflation was negligible, and the border was under control. Most Americans across the board saw tax breaks, and they were thriving. They had enough money to pay for what they needed and even enough to spend on what they wanted. 

It didn’t take long for the spend-happy Biden administration to destroy the prosperity America enjoyed under Trump, and poll after poll shows that Americans aren’t buying the failed economic policies the President affectionately calls Bidenomics. 

Biden attempts to brush off his shockingly low poll numbers by explaining that polls can’t be trusted. His latest defense is that polling is “hard. “You’ve got to make about 20 calls to get one person to answer their cell phone. Seriously,” he explained. 

The challenges of pollsters don’t matter. What matters is what one out of twenty people who answer the phone say. And they say that Bidenomics isn’t working. 

Biden’s administration has faced challenges with heightened prices and consumer anxiety. In recent weeks, the White House has attempted to pivot its emphasis from promoting job creation to recognizing voters’ apprehensions about the increased cost of living. 

When questioned about the disparity between alleged positive economic indicators and voters’ perceptions of the economy, Lael Brainard, director of the National Economic Council, stated on CNN Wednesday, “I believe it takes time, and there are also a few areas that Americans are concerned about in terms of affordability.”  

She cited healthcare as one example of unaffordable expenses. It was an ironic illustration when the Obama administration passed the Affordable Care Act to provide Americans with “affordable” health insurance options. Of course, just like Bidenomics, Obamacare hurt far more Americans than it ever helped. 

Biden is insistent on pushing a positive message about Bidenomics, despite growing concern from his campaign that it is a losing strategy from a candidate no one wanted in the first place. 

The adage says that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing repeatedly and expecting different results. Biden is proof that the adage also defines dementia and delusion.