Biden Now Confusing Age With Wisdom

Niamh Blanchard /
Niamh Blanchard /

President Joe Biden has been backed into a corner concerning his age and his mental capacity in recent months. While this has been previously questioned, the levels of concern being raised by officials are significantly higher than in the past. Speaking to a crowd on Labor Day in Philadelphia, PA, he poked fun at people talking about his physical and mental decline.

“Someone said, ‘You know, that Biden, he’s getting old,’” claimed the 80-year-old Commander in Chief. “Well guess what, guess what … the only thing that comes with age is a little bit of wisdom. I’ve been doing this longer than anybody, and guess what, I’m going to continue to do it, with your help.”

Claiming his track of voting and changes are proof that he is not only still with it, but that he should be the person in charge. Being oblivious to his condition, he pokes fun at it much the same way a cancer or AIDS patient might choose dark humor to deflect from a troubling prognosis.

Back in April, he was interviewed and asked about his age. His response to deflect and talk about his choice to run and not answer how old he is should have infuriated and concerned Americans from coast to coast.

“With regard to age, I can’t even say, I guess how old I am. I can’t even say the number. It doesn’t register with me. But the only thing I can say is that one of the things that people are going to find out is, they’re going to see a race, and they’re going to judge, whether or not I have it or don’t have it. I respect them taking a hard look at it. I’d take a hard look at it as well, I took a hard look at it before I decided to run.”

Documents released by the White House as part of official record have seen him visited and examined by two physicians on different occasions. Both of whom determined he is in good physical health and fully capable of performing the duties of the office as President of the United States. Using these exams as if they were gospel, he has been standing behind them as if they are the saving grace for his administration.

The fact of the matter is that age doesn’t equate to wisdom. Biden, in turn, is showing how bad his mind has gotten. By not only confusing the two but also by not being willing to admit he is suffering from a diminished mental capacity. As a nation, we are now beginning to show the signs of distress that having someone like him as President and as a Senator has done to the nation.

It’s time we discuss term limits, age restrictions, and mental health requirements for our elected officials. As both President Biden and Sen. Mitch McConnell (R-KY) have shown us, there is a limit to just how long someone can be viable in politics as a leader and for others to emulate. Hitting that limit and being allowed to exceed it as these two have can paint us into a very murky corner.

After Trump left the White House, McConnell was quick to start showing Biden his belly and making sure he knew that he could play ball and keep Biden getting what he needed. This kind of promise is something that went too far. In the old days, he would have simply ensured he knew that McConnell would still be doing his best work and doing what was right for the country. Now thanks to the liberals and the mockery they have made of the country, it has become a political party over the best of the nation.

This confusion is the root of many problems for the American people. His wisdom has shrunk as his age has increased. Now he’s as old as Father Time and as mentally there as the New Year’s baby.