Biden Finally Admits Only the Courts Stopped Him From Ending Offshore Drilling on All Coasts

nattapon supanawan /
nattapon supanawan /

An interview aired on August 9th showcased that President Biden has been more than just willing to eliminate offshore drilling around the US, he has been planning on it. Weather Channel Meteorologist Stephanie Abrams introduced the subject by talking about how many in Gen Z were upset he approved 7,00 oil and gas permits, despite campaign promises that he would approve no new ones. She wanted to know how he was truthful.

Biden replied, “Yes because the courts overruled me. The courts said I couldn’t do it. I wanted to stop all drilling on the East Coast and the West Coast and in the Gulf. But I lost in court. The private sector’s coming off the sidelines. They’ve invested $250 billion in alternative energy. They’re building solar facilities. They’re building — there [are] electrolyzes to take hydrogen and turn it — there’s so much going on. Finally, finally, no one can any longer deny that we don’t have a problem with climate change.”

His admission that he only approved them because he was forced to is horrific. This isn’t about what’s best for the nation, it’s about forcing ideas on people because it benefits your causes and your sources of income. This is the kind of package that destroys the American people and ensures that they pay the price for the problems.

We need this oil drilling to come back. As a Nation, we need self-reliance on Dino-juice for heating and fueling vehicles and providing plastics, among other things. As a nation, we are not efficient enough on energy consumption to rely solely on small charge-based items. In turn, these green energy items like wind farms, solar fields, etc., make it difficult to produce enough energy output to be reliable, and it’s not right.

Yet Biden seems to think Texas has it made. He claimed Texans “have more cheaper…wind and solar energy than any other state. And [Gov. Greg Abbott (R)] wants to cut it back so he could have more oil. I don’t get these guys.” What he doesn’t get is that it’s not sustainable. As the last few winters and their deep freezes have shown in places like Austin, they are not reliable when the weather is bad. Much of the US, especially in the plains and northeast, experiences a cold and harsh winter every year.

These harsh winters render these battery packs and energy-producing tools far less efficient. With an already limited efficiency too, they are crippled in the cold, especially in places that have not historically seen such cold and ice, so they are not prepared for it in the least. This means that coal, oil, wood, and gas-fueled appliances, not to mention power plants are necessary to meet the demands, and under Biden, those resources are eroding and disappearing.

Offshore drilling is one of the keys to getting our economy and way of life back on track. With Russia essentially shutting out of the world oil market, we could flood it. We could get the US dollar back as the chief currency of choice across the globe and quit allowing China to slowly gain ground. Instead, Biden has been happy to rest on his laurels and leave our nation behind.

With this kind of decision-making in charge of the nation, we are losing ground with each passing day. This isn’t an area where we as a nation should be losing ground, rather we should be taking advantage of the Russian departure and standing behind Taiwan to keep China off their back. Biden’s choices to leave what made America strong and tough behind to appease the liberal masses has been disgusting.

Thank God the 2024 Presidential elections are coming up. Even if we were lucky enough to have him leave office, his second-in-command VP Kamala Harris is even more spineless and unintelligent than he is.