Biden Calls Trump a Congressman…

Chirag Nagpal /
Chirag Nagpal /

Former President Donald Trump is many things and has called many things. A “congressman” has never been one of them. And yet, that is what Joe Biden just called him.

It happened on Wednesday while speaking to constituents at the CS Wind Plant in Pueblo, Colorado. If you didn’t know, this is Republican Representative Lauren Boebert’s district. Boebert, like Trump, is a huge proponent of cutting some major taxes and spending in Washington.

Biden was discussing a minimum tax on billionaires in this speech, directly going after Boebert’s ideas on spending both in her district and nationally.

Of course, the octogenarian couldn’t help but attempt to throw a dis at Trump in there, too. Only, as usual, he messed it up and ended up shaming himself and uplifting Trump in the process.

“We can use it (the billionaire tax) to strengthen the Social Security and Medicare system, instead of cutting them like Congressman Trump and Boebert want to do,” Biden said.

Naturally, social media has lit him up over the recent gaffe.

Boebert herself noted that we can’t take advice from someone who has 1) increased the national debt by more than $6 trillion and 2) called Trump a Congressman.

Of course, she and everyone else is right.

I mean, what sitting US president, other than someone who isn’t cognitively fit to lead, could have created such a disastrous national economy – and after only a couple of years of literally being handed one of the strongest economies we’d seen in decades?

That’s only a small part of the proof of his mental decline, though.

In fact, thanks to Biden, we are facing a crisis on nearly every front. Our southern border is literally being overrun. Crime is skyrocketing everywhere. Drug use and overdoses are on the rise, as are suicides.

Oh, and nearly every single one of our enemies has taken notice.

And to top it all off, Biden can’t even put together a single completed sentence, even with the help of a teleprompter.

As more than a few pointed out, this is only further proof that Biden shouldn’t be anywhere else but a nursing home.