Another Election on the Way, Another Chinese “Virus” Ramping Up

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Back in 2019, COVID-19 started quietly in China before it exploded in the US in 2020, and now another virus is growing. It’s been announced to the world with familiar and horrific videos of masked kids waiting in Chinese hospitals. Chinese officials have classified the outbreak as an unknown strain of pneumonia. Reports have come out with 7,000 kids admitted to Beijing’s children’s hospitals, and another 13,000 in Tianjin’s emergency and urgent care clinics.

China’s National Health Commission told Sky News that this is the result of multiple known infections being unleashed on the population at one time. Other authorities told Business Insider “lifting of COVID-19 restrictions and the circulation of known pathogens” is what caused the outbreak.

This was something people like Florida Governor Ron DeSantis were trying to avoid by not mandating masking or social distancing for a prolonged time. He knew the risks of not keeping our immune systems sharp. He saw it firsthand in the Navy. When a ship first goes out to sea, the number of people who are suddenly sick is sky-high. Why? Close quarters with new germs can cause an overload for the body.

Meanwhile, the World Health Organization (WHO) is requesting information on the outbreak but claims it’s just business as usual.

According to Chinese Ministry spokesman Mi Feng, “efforts should be made to increase the opening of relevant clinics and treatment areas, extend service hours and increase the supply of medicines,” per Sky News.

When COVID was first discovered in 2019, the Chinese kept it very tightly under wraps. First spotted around the end of 2019, it took until 2020 to reach American shores. This gave the liberals the out to blame Trump for everything that was going wrong. Now with this new outbreak, it’s got the potential to be the next spot for them to say Biden is the only one who can keep America safe. Defense authorization could also be used to keep him in power under pandemic law.

Chinese Communist Party (CCP) officials silenced any journalists, scientists, and healthcare professionals who tried to speak out on the virus when it was first discovered. Since then, they have only acknowledged their involvement and responsibility in the action when pressed to do so. There has been no true accountability for their lack of self-containment or response to the outbreak. They told the WHO as little as possible.

Allegations of the WHO, CCP officials, and the Biden regime all being complacent in the outbreak, and how they responded to it have been all over. Given the profits for Biden and other family members who held stocks and did medical deals from the outbreak, the appearance of improprieties and illegal activities are everywhere.

This latest outbreak is too similar, and it should concern every American that the leftists are about to do something that not only should be illegals but that we should all be paying real attention to. Every time there is a mass casualty event, an outbreak, or something that steals all the media attention, the leftists are using it as a distraction from something serious.

Making this discovery even more ironic is the fact that Chinese President Xi Jinping just returned from visiting the US on November 18th. This visit had ample secret and highly secured meetings. It would not be unheard of or unlikely that the duo worked out a deal. Something with this virus and something China could do to keep Biden in office. Both men have made a great deal off COVID, and their respective people have paid the price dearly for those profits too.

Simply speculation at this time, but it sure has all the looks of being wrong. As many of us learned in elementary school, if it walks like a duck, and quacks like a duck…