Al Sharpton Accuses McDonald’s of Being Racist

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It shouldn’t surprise anyone that Al Sharpton has once again made headlines decrying racism. After all, it’s what nearly his entire career has been built on. But to accuse fast food giant McDonald’s of such?

It happened on Thursday when the radical left winger and President of the Nation Action Network sent a letter to McDonald’s demanding they finally address the discriminating practices they’ve apparently been carrying out against the black community.

And if they don’t, Sharpton threatens to “mobilize to demand action against the fast-food giant.”

According to Sharpton, McDonald’s has long had “differences with the Black community.” And it’s high time they were addressed and put to bed.

So, what are those differences? Well, as far as we can tell, it’s a conglomeration of a few lawsuits that have been brought against McDonald’s over the years by members of the black community – some of which seem to be nothing more than the race card being pulled when an individual didn’t get what they wanted from the company.

“There are lawsuits brought by Black franchises. Another brought by a Black former executive over racial discrimination from the highest levels.”

If McDonald’s is going to “sell Black folks Big Macs,” then they also need to give them more than a “little justice.”

One case brought up was that of Byron Allen of Allen Media Group. At the time of his suit against McDonald’s, Allen argued that they were guilty of “overt and systemic racism.”

Why? Because they wouldn’t advertise on Allen’s subsidiaries, including Comedy TV and The Weather Channel. According to Allen, the company excluded black-owned businesses like his from doing business with McDonald’s.

Allen was also not impressed with the fast-food eatery’s lack of “giving back” to the black community when it “takes billions from African American consumers.”

Sharpton also mentioned the recent departure of “well-respected” black business leader John Rogers from their Board of Directors. However, it appears that Rogers just retired.

Of course, Sharpton seems to claim some racial motivation, as well as in the case of former McDonald’s executive Michael Peaster being fired. McDonald’s claims that Peaster wasn’t good at his job, which was managing CEO Chris Kempczinski’s personal security. Naturally, Peaster and Sharpton say it was because the former is black.

All these cases are ongoing, with McDonald’s arguing that no wrong has been done and certainly not due to racial motivations.

Like, I said, it shouldn’t surprise anyone that Sharpton is crying wolf once again, though.